5 Cost Efficient Ways to Memorialize Your Loved One

5 Cost Efficient Ways to Memorialize Your Loved One

In the US, it is customary to hold some form of funeral or memorial service when a loved one passes away. But there are other customs for remembering and humbling those we love throughout the world. While setting aside time for conventional grieving might be necessary, it’s also healthy to concentrate on finding other ways to feel connected to our loved ones than the typical cemetery and all-black attire. For their loved ones, many people now hold celebrations of life, which help to keep the memory of the deceased alive long after the funeral.

Cremation often costs less than one-third of what a funeral burial does as compared to the traditional method of burial. This may help to explain why Americans have become more likely to choose cremation than traditional funeral burial over the past few years. The average cost of cremation is a more cost-effective option than a typical funeral burial. Read on for 5 cost efficient ways to memorialize your loved one.

  1. Jewelry

Wearing mourning jewelry serves as a constant reminder of deceased loved ones. Jewelry can be engraved with a loved one’s name or have their photo placed in a locket to honor them, whether it be a necklace, bracelet, ring, or locket. Even a small amount of an individual’s cremated remains can be used to create cremation jewelry.

  1. Memorial Bench

Parks and other public spaces in your neighborhood probably welcome benches, even memorial ones. Create a memorial bench in honor of your departed loved one by collecting money with your friends and family. 

  1. Time Capsule

Create a time capsule and fill it with mementos of your deceased friend or family member. If a youngster has lost a parent, a time capsule is especially appropriate. You can give instructions to those around you that the time capsule should be opened when the deceased person’s child reaches a specific age. The young person, you, and others will find this to be a worthwhile experience.

  1. Memory Garden

The creation of a memory garden is another original way to honor a loved one. Include your friend’s or family member’s favorite plants in the mixture without a doubt. Don’t just plant perennials. If you choose to add annuals, you will need to set aside some time each year to choose and plant fresh flowers in honor of your loved one. You can even think about staging a small celebration to celebrate the tree’s planting. You can invite people to the planting who know your loved one. Think of an evergreen, which has a vibrant color palette all year long. 

  1. Plaque

A memorial plaque might serve as a straightforward monument to your loved one. You can give some basic details about your acquaintance or relative. You might want to think about including a picture of that individual along with a favorite short poem or remark from that person. You might erect a memorial plaque in your home, in your church, or in another area where your loved one had a connection.