Mechanical Car Design Courses – Fundamentals

Mechanical Car Design Courses - Fundamentals

Mechanical engineers are the problem solvers and the builders. They create and build products to improve our lives. They are generally referred to as people who design and develop machines, including anything from household products to vehicles and medical devices. Now, one of the most basic questions that come to people’s minds is – does car designing come under mechanical engineering?

The answer is yes. The automotive design includes industrial, mechanical, electrical, and product designers. 

So, If you are a mechanical engineer or pursuing mechanical engineering, then don’t trouble your mind in thinking if you can become an automotive design engineer.

Mechanical Car Design courses 

  • AutoCAD Essentials for Mechanical Engineers:

In this course, you will learn all about AutoCAD. You will learn about all the major tools of AutoCAD, from line to polyline to trims and many more. This course will help you clear your understanding and perspective regarding the limits and units required for drafting a 2D drawing with AutoCAD. You will also get to cover advanced tools like fillet and pedit. 

You will get to work on projects that experts in the industry design to reflect industry standards. Through these projects, the students will gain a practical understanding.

Who should take this course?

  • Students or mechanical engineers who wish to make a career in the automotive industry.
  • Working professionals looking to start their careers as design engineers.

Why is AutoCAD Important for Mechanical Engineers?

AutoCAD is considered the most important and basic tool for 2D drafting in mechanical engineering. All mechanical engineers use AutoCAD to sketch and analyze ideas to determine the best solution for a problem at the early stages of a design project.

Autocad removes the need to draw new blueprints for every version of an idea. Through AutoCAD, the engineers get to know how a constructed machine will function. It is done with the help of graphic simulation offered by AutoCAD. After the completion of the design, AutoCAD generates a simulated version of the design. Through this simulation, mechanical engineers can determine if the machine will work as per the requirement. It helps them in making necessary changes.

The analysis components of AutoCAD allow mechanical engineers to simulate various environments. They can determine the functionality of different components or machines in extreme environments. Mechanical engineers can produce useful specifications and provide clients with what they need.

So, an AutoCAD certification is one of the automotive design engineering programs that are very useful for mechanical engineers or any engineer to make a career in automotive designing.

Some of the certifications in the AutoCAD course are:

  • AutoCAD Certification User (ACU) Certification
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Certified Professional (ACP) Certification


Thinking that mechanical engineering fields or mechanical engineers have no scope in automotive designing is wrong. Some courses and certifications could make way for mechanical engineers to a career in automotive design. AutoCAD is one of them. Mechanical engineers need to get a proper understanding of AutoCAD. This software allows them to sketch and draft various designs and create blueprints and prototypes of their products. The skills acquired in AutoCAD courses can help an engineer to grow as an automobile designer.

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