Alessandra Ambrosio Says Posing Nude for New Book Is More Like ‘Art’ Than ‘a Sexy Picture’

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Over her spectacular tenure within the mannequin space, Alessandra Ambrosio has been photographed by each prime creative person in the fashion industry, however there’ one professional that has solid a bond therefore special, their work warrants its very own table book.

Alessandra by Stewart Shining is stuffed with never-before-seen pictures of the model shot by Stewart Shining. The pair teamed up to make new editorial-like images specifically for the book (which includes intimate nude photographs) and a slew of throwbacks from a number of their earliest work along (including shots in “PINK”-adorned sweatpants), that all started throughout one of Ambrosio’ terribly initial shoots in big apple City.

the 2 met within the late ’90s once a 17-year-old Ambrosio came to N.Y.C. from her native Brazil (and barely spoke English at the time). once taking thereforeme Polaroids along in his studio, he set-aside the teenager for a Wallpaper Magazine cowl wherever she had to cause topless (while showing coated up) with two male models.

“He was so nice and sweet,” Ambrosio tells folks of Shining. “I trusty him. He’ super gifted and professional, so we have a tendency to secure from day one.”

That gave thanks to Ambrosio and Shining booking Victoria’ Secret campaigns along and dealing the whole’ new PINK sector. “They wished me and him to launch the PINK brand for Victoria’ Secret. therefore we have a tendency to did endless shoots and traveled everywhere,” she shares.

quite twenty years later, the 2 are still the most effective of friends. “We opt for hikes here in L.A. and pay tons of your time together,” she says. once Ambrosio began wondering doing a book of pictures from her career, Shining thought that they had enough unpublished pictures to try to to a book on their work together.

“First i used to be indecisive a bit bit. i used to be like, ‘Do we actually have enough photos or is it about to be a twenty page book?’ Ambrosio wondered. “We started researching some stuff so we have a tendency to determined to try to to a number of a lot of picture shoots, only for the book. we have a tendency to concluded up with a 200-page book of pictures that we shot together.”

Ambrosio describes the ultimate result as “an art book” as a result of “you will see more intimate moments of my life, my career. it absolutely was one thing terribly special to be ready to do.”

They visited the Maldives and Rio, staged shoots in deserts and beaches, and at times, Ambrosio unclothed it all for the camera.

“Even if I actually have been a model for an extended time, there aren’t that a lot of times that I’ve posed nude,” she says. “But with him I decided, ‘No, let’ do it. particularly for the book.’ as a result of I simply feel comfortable.”

She says the most reason she feels therefore comfy is because she “trusts him.”

“I understand that the picture’ not about to be vulgar,” she shares of move nude. “I understand it’ about to be a lot of sort of a piece of art than simply an attractive picture. we’ve got terribly similar vision on what we would like from our work. therefore I may be 100 percent myself once he has the camera ahead of him. we are able to just be super natural and free during a way.”

somebody else who’ become a cushty plus to possess on set is Ambrosio’ boyfriend, model Richard Lee, who she says “directs very well” on shoots.