Businesses are Realizing the Importance of Applicant Tracking Systems 

Applicant Tracking Systems

In the past, before much of the technology that exists today and provides great conveniences for businesses, more companies employed substantial human resources departments to handle job posting, screening of resumes, and interviewing of potential candidates for positions, among their many other tasks.

As companies grew in size and technology grew to meet the specific needs of businesses, companies realized they could utilize an applicant tracking system to make the hiring process much easier, quicker, and more convenient for all involved. Here is how businesses are realizing the importance of applicant tracking systems, and why they are so important:

Save Company Resources

The whole idea of an applicant tracking system is to make the recruiting and hiring process as easy as possible for everyone involved, from recruiters to job candidates. With this in mind, a major benefit for a company utilizing an applicant tracking system is the reduction in company resources spent for each candidate.

Using an applicant tracking system, time is saved on the company’s end, since many of the processes can be handled automatically through the system. A process that would normally take weeks can be cut down significantly, which saves not only time, but also the money that would be spent for the time of human resources professionals that would be dedicated to manually doing what the applicant tracking system could do as well as the money in increased revenue from getting the new hire onboarded sooner.

Higher Quality Candidate Pool

An applicant tracking system can improve your candidate pool in several ways. First, your applicant tracking system will help your company to create a large passive potential pool of candidates who may not qualify for a job at a specific time, but which you may pull from during times with other job openings or even shortages.

Also, applicant tracking systems help to pinpoint the best possible hires for positions that are open. This helps to increase retention and decrease turnover (and therefore money loss) by matching a quality candidate to the open position. An applicant tracking system can help to narrow down a search for an open position to the most qualified candidates quickly so that recruiters can focus their time on those specific candidates.

Becoming the Standard

Applicant tracking systems are becoming standard, which makes sense, given the benefits. With this in mind, the majority of businesses and recruiters are already utilizing applicant tracking systems, and without an applicant tracking system, your business is less competitive.

By using an applicant tracking system as a standard part of the hiring process, your company will also gain more valuable insight over time and be able to make the hiring process even more efficient, which will sa